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March 30, 2020

Few Reflections on Eco-Ethics

From time to time, Krishna presses the pause button to give us time to reflect upon the consequences of our overstimulated lifestyles. Such a lifestyle has detrimental effects on mother earth's life support systems, our individual immune systems, and healthy relationships. This pause gives us the opportunity to reconsider the choices we have made.

The ecological crisis means that mother earth's life support systems are shutting down. Our air, water, soil, and food supply are becoming compromised due to the excessive pollution created by the plundering of multinational corporations and industries. Consequently, every living entity's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual welfare is compromised.

Our privileged life on the most blessed planet is in jeopardy. Already much of Mother Earth's former splendor and glory has been reduced to ashes, foreshadowing further distraction and destruction if we fail to heed her warning.

Earth can process a certain amount of toxic waste, but when the overconsumption of mankind overloads nature's purifying effects, we all succumb to collective toxicity. Breathing, drinking, and eating polluted substances poisons the body and mind rendering them incapable of registering the messages from the archetypal world. So let us acknowledge and confess the truth awaiting beneath the denial fueled by our toxic conditioning.

The archetypal world contains vast wisdom conveyed through signs, symbols, images, visions, and dreams. Mother Earth stores that wisdom in the multiple depths of her being. She is more than our collective body; she is our collective psyche.

Let us pray that mankind will learn these crucial lessons, and further still will recognize and create opportunities for Earth to heal and her children to benefit. Let us take time to rewrite the script in order that a new life may follow, away from modern plundering, pollution, and intoxication. A script granting a glimpse of the mighty Himalayas reappearing from the curtain of smog and of dolphins returning to the clean waters of Venice.

May Phoenix arise from the ashes in time to remind us that beneath our denial, cynicism, and criticism is a deeply rooted longing for a healthy community. Let us remember Srila Prabhupada's important directive of "plain living and high thinking", expressed in a life of self-sufficiency.