Backwards and upside down

The mind is supposed to be under the guidance of intelligence, which is supposed to adhere to the dictates of the soul, the servant of the Supersoul. However, in the material world everything is backwards and upside down. Thus the conditioned soul follows the orders of the senses, which dictate to the mind, which dictate to the intelligence, which dictates to the soul, who dictates to the Supersoul.

Heart and Community

Everyone yearns for a community where loving relationships flourish, for such is our other home. And yet today we witness an epidemic in which the death of love testifies to the abortion of culture as a consequence of desecration our Mother Earth.

The Lord's Measuring Stick

When the enemy fires cannonballs or incites mad elephants to attack, what softens their assault even more effectively than the barriers we have erected to protect our hearts? Bales of cotton stop cannonballs, which would smash through stonewall and little lambs pacify a maddened elephant who would crush armored defenses.

Thank you

Krishna is arranging everything to help us come home. Though it might be bitter like a neem leaf, it is nonetheless medicinal, beneficial and helps to cure the disease. The prayer of our heart becomes: \u2018Thank you Krishna for whatever you send to me, for you are my kind, loving father, Who sometimes gives rewards and other times punishment. Only You know what is good for me, surely I do not and you try to help me as I turn to you\u201d.

Lalita-devi dasi stewardess of Lalita kunda / July 2016

Lalita and Lalita-kunda
All the kundas in New Vrindaban embody and hold a deep, sweet devotional principal. Lalita-kunda specifically testifies to the truth that no one, not even Krishna Himself, can approach Radha's kunda, service, or mercy without the blessings of Srimati Lalita Devi. And Radha complies with this principle by remaining ever submissive to the loving and protective will of Her senior sakhi.

Christmas Reflections 2015

Christmas 2015
Srila Prabhupada writes, "A Vaishnava should follow the example of such Vaishnavas as Haridas Thakura, Nityananda Prabhu and also Lord Jesus Christ." SB 4:6:47.

Govardhana's Moon Tower

Govardhana's moontower
The moon tower standing at Govardhan between Syama kunda and Lalita kunda awards a bird's eye view of a significant portion of the dham. The tower offers a variety of services to both the Deities and to Their devotees as they take turns watching over one another. It signifies our watchful and yearning search of the countryside for indications of Krishna's pastimes.

Kartik Meditation 2015

Kartik Meditation 2015
This current month of October/November is known as "Karttik" in honor of its presiding Deity, Karttik Devi. This is another name for the Daughter of Kirtida, the pleasure potency of Krishna and the ultimate reservoir for all love and devotion. Thus the month of Karttik is especially dear to devotees.

The Importance of the Dhama

The Importance of the Dhama
For Gaudiya Vaisnavas, "back to home" means specifically Vrindavan or Navadwip Dhama (not Vaikuntha, Dwarka, Ayodya, or even Mathura). Prema-sankirtan, which descends from Goloka Vrindavan, is both the means and the goal of entrance into Vraja. Prema-sankirtan is the continuous chanting of the Holy Names of Sri Sri Radha and Krishna:

Morning Reflection

Morning refelction
As the sun rises over the reddish horizon and dissipates the morning fog, the beauty of the fields, forests, and pasturing grounds become illuminated, serving as a backdrop for Sri Sri Radha Gopinath's various pastime places at Govardhan Hill in New Vrindaban.