Our Only Hope

Our only hope

Living in this material world from time immemorial imparts formidable conditionings. With assistance from maya, we have successfully built a wall around ourselves, excluding others and even God from our internal lives. We have become incarcerated by our own limitations and paralyzed by our own fears to such an extent that we cannot free ourselves. The nature of false ego keeps us individually and collectively imprisoned in our selfish world. The shackles of desires to exploit, enjoy, control, and receive respect are stronger than any iron chains. Our conditioning is like the impenetrable wall of a dungeon from which we cannot escape by any individual or combined effort. Our only hope is in calling upon one who is already free and who resides outside the prison house. We are totally dependent on the mercy of Sri Krishna, which comes to us in the form of His devotees. Their grace dissolves the formidable walls of illusion, which separates us from the light and the love of reality.