Love, trust and cooperation

Love trust cooperation

The most essential of the last instructions of Srila Prabhupada and Srila Bhaktisiddhanta are love, trust and cooperation. These must be honored above and beyond all others. Adhering to them, everything will be fulfilled.

Someone may be very gifted, realized and empowered to fulfill the very details of gurudeva’s instructions but may miss their essence. Like Pharisees, mindful to the letter of spiritual law but mindless to the spirit behind it, or “smarta” devotees, who remain attached to rules and regulations and overlook the purpose underlying them.

Furthermore, insensitivity of another’s mission, calling and realizations may violate deep sacraments and delicate intricacies of love and trust. Then everything is jeopardized. The factors affecting our success in fulfilling Guru's and Krishna's desire proceed from faith in our particular understanding, to being sensitive to everyone else's realization and ultimately synchronizing with Krishna's plan or arrangement.