Misconceptions, doubts and relationships


Misconceptions and doubts need to be exposed to the light of loving relationships and submissive inquiry, where they cannot endure. Due to pride we conceal them, and thus they grow and fester in the darkness of the heart. There is always pride, which goes before the fall; therefore humility is the most important ingredient in the cultivation of bhakti.


We can justify the existence of any kind of misconception in your mind by some academic jugglery, but this alone will not have any positive or substantial affect on our life and relationships. Because until whatever philosophical understanding we have is put into the realm of relationships, it stays theoretical. Relationships are where it becomes realized, tested, and sacramental. That necessitates the six loving exchanges beginning with revealing the heart in confidence and receiving appropriate instructions. When the exchange is enriched with humility and is not left in the realm of theoretical or argumentative debate then realization blossoms and empowerment grows.