Maya-devi’s Bewildering Spell


Maha-maya, the great material energy, activates the unlimited worlds and keeps the jiva souls bound in the shackles of passion and ignorance. She is very subtle yet extremely powerful. So perfect is the illusion she casts over the conditioned souls that not a single person even wants to escape from the prison house of material existence.

This is quite a contrast from the prison houses created by man, where someone always attempts to break free. We are so attached to our chains and bondage that we feel no desire for true freedom. How powerful the goddess of the material energy is and how bewildering is her spell!

Yet, as the expansion of the goddess of bhakti who reigns over the spiritual sky, Maya-devi ultimately desires our deliverance from material clutches. She is both our imprisoner and our well wisher. Our ultimate salvation is granted solely by the mercy of the Lord, under whose desires she serves.