Mere Reflection

Mere reflection

Braja-lila is the primordial revelation of pristine beauty, glory, and meaning. The material nature is the reflection of that divine realm; it has substance even though it is temporary. Mother nature is not ours to enjoy or renounce; we are to study under her to learn crucial lessons. She points to something beyond herself, to the reality of which she is a mere reflection.

Everything in nature offers messages indicating the path back home. Yet she speaks in a language which,can only be discern to the degree we are grateful for all things and humble in all ways. When with forbearance we accept everything that comes into our life as Krishna's mercy and offer gratitude from the core of our hearts through our body, mind and words; then the Lord's energy will reveal her divine feature as the goddess of devotion, who trains us for returning home, place of beauty, glory and meaning.