Morning Reflection

Morning refelction

As the sun rises over the reddish horizon and dissipates the morning fog, the beauty of the fields, forests, and pasturing grounds become illuminated, serving as a backdrop for Sri Sri Radha Gopinath’s various pastime places at Govardhan Hill in New Vrindaban.

The different kundas on Govardhana Hill carry the diverse flavors of the distilled essences of the love of Radha, Krsna, and Their associates. According to Srila Rupa Goswami, if one bathes with the proper consciousness even once in the holy waters of Radha-kunda, his dormant love for Krsna is fully awakened.

By taking bath in Radha-kunda, one may catch a small glimpse of Radha’s boundless love for Her beloved Syama; and by taking bath in Syama-kunda, one may taste a drop of Krsna’s affection for His most devoted Sri Radha. In this way, these kundas participate in the exuberant atmosphere of Vraja as they serve to continuously expand the radiant glories of the Divine Couple.