Lalita-devi dasi stewardess of Lalita kunda / July 2016

Lalita and Lalita-kunda

All the kundas in New Vrindaban embody and hold a deep, sweet devotional principal. Lalita-kunda specifically testifies to the truth that no one, not even Krishna Himself, can approach Radha’s kunda, service, or mercy without the blessings of Srimati Lalita Devi. And Radha complies with this principle by remaining ever submissive to the loving and protective will of Her senior sakhi. Lord Caitanya further extended this principle by placing Svarup Damodar (Lalita Devi’s form in Gaura lila) as the guardian of devotional mellows.

Lalita devi dasi, a 20+ year resident of New Vrindaban, faithfully serves Lalita-kunda as a stewardess. A few weeks ago, she lovingly wove flower beds around the borders of Lalita-kunda and circled the pond as if with a garland. She then extended her services to the western shore of Syama-kunda (which is also known as the Sangam where the two holy bodies of water unite).