Cleansing the Dhama: The Spirituality of Dust

Mother Sukhavaha - Cleansing the Dhama

Tilak - Cleansing the Dhama

The wonders of the spiritual world are endless, and the mercy that the dhama extends to her devotees is quite unique. The entire planet of Goloka is comprised of chintamani, wish-fulfilling touchstone, capable of imparting whatever spiritual perfection the pilgrim may desire.

The surface of that chintamanidhama is even more sacred than the depths of its soil, due to the touch of the feet of Sri Krishna and Sri Balarama, and countless devotees who tread upon the path following in Their footsteps. Contact with the lotus feet of such personalities imbues the soil with a wonderful variety of spiritual flavors which are conveyed to those who take the dust upon their heads.

When the dust settles in the depths of the kundas, which hold the taste of various loving exchanges, it becomes enhanced even further. The depth of spiritual taste lies at the bottom of these kundas and is accessible only at special times when they are drained for cleaning and renovation.

The devotees who assist in these services naturally become anointed with the blended sacred dust and holy waters which form a special variety of tilak. Marking the body with such tilak while chanting appropriate invocation mantras enriches the sweet taste inherent to the holy name.

And while the kundas may appear to remain empty and dry during the times of cleaning and renovation, the devotees’ hearts remain full and overflowing with the nectar of devotion in the natural reciprocation facilitated by the dhama.