The Mercy of Lord Nityananda

The Mercy of Lord Nityananda

Topics of Lord Nityananda delight the mind, sanctify all hearts, and engage the intellect in pursuing a proper understanding of Lord Caitanya. In the initial verses of Caitanya Caritamrita, Kaviraja Goswami has related the detailed theological explanation of Sri Nityananda Rama, thereby protecting us from misunderstanding the erratic, indiscriminate and inconceivable activities of this crest jewel of avadhutas. Lord Nityananda is so intoxicated with the nectar of Braja Bhakti that we are prone to misunderstand Him, yet proper reverence and appreciation to Him will only attract His mercy.

The appearance of Lord Nityananda is likened to the rising of the beautiful autumn moon, which induces the ocean of mercy to swell beyond its shores, inundating all jivas in love for Lord Gauranga and inspiring them in chanting the Hare Krishna mantra, dispelling the darkness of Kali-yuga.

Bhaktivinoda Thakura sings, Lord Nityananda has opened up a marketplace of the Holy Name at Surabhi Kunja! That Holy Name is our ticket to Vrindavana and service to the graceful, lovely forms of Radha and Krishna. As They play on the shore of the Jamuna, and dance in the unlimited wondrous pastime settings, which Govardhana Hill most suitably offers, the only price for this Holy Name is faith, and the only commission I desire for assisting in the distribution of the Name is that Lord Nityananda will be pleased with me.

The real purpose in the appearance of Sri Krishna Caitanya is not the deliverance of the conditioned souls; the inner significance of His advent, which forms the heart and soul of the secondary reasons is grounded in His divinity. This means the reciprocal love born of pure hladini-shakti manifests the pastimes of Radha and Krishna. These two complementary features constitute the one undivided Absolute Truth, Lord Caitanya — Krishna in disguise, seeking to understand Himself more deeply through the eyes of Radha. For this purpose, He must don Her luster and emotion, culminating in the dynamics of Her service in separation.

This is a deep and esoteric topic, not accessible to those with material desire. It is only when one's mind is free of material designations and conceptions that one can approach Vrindavana and understand the love found there. Otherwise, our conception will be distorted by mundane sentiments and imagination which offer hindrance and may lead to offenses. Then the nectar becomes poison and the tears of mundane sentimental emotion wash away the conclusions of the Vedas. Whereas the tears of true love emanating from the heart, are invoked in and through the lila of Lord Nityananda. His transcendental pastimes are so touching that they gently melt even stone, are more cooling and soothing than millions of moons, granting shade and shelter to all souls blazing in the conflagration of samsara.

The secondary purpose in the lila of Lord Gauranga is the bestowal of loving devotion in the flavor of Radha’s love to one and all through the divine dispensation of nama -sankirtana. This is not the main purpose of Lord Caitanya’s appearance which is not explicitly mentioned in scripture, though the wise discern this truth as the deeper, confidential, hidden import of the Vedas.

It is only when Radha and Krishna combine as a sannyasi (Lord Caitanya) and Their associates appear with Them as sadhakas, that we can understand and approach Them in a safe, proper, and systematic manner. Specifically, Lord Nityananda and Sri Advaita establish and maintain the connection between Sri Krishna and the mundane world. Lord Caitanya’s mercy, which is personified in Lord Nityananda and extended through the Gaudiya Vaisnava sampradaya, enables conditioned souls to pass through the various grades of spiritual progress and reach a proper understanding of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai.

Thus, obeisances to Sri Krishna, guru, and devotees is not an idle or symbolic ceremony but a practice in the exercise of the function of bhakti by the pure soul."