Appreciating New Vrindaban-dhama

The photo book contains over 150 beautiful images, which are intertwined with texts on dhama-tattva. The texts are a combination of Varsana Swami’s writings and quotations by Srila Prabhupada and other acharyas. Its purpose is to enhance our appreciation of the Dhama, deepen our understanding of its theological importance and foster developing personal relationship with Her.

The book is comprised of five sections: ‘Let us glorify Vrindavan’, ‘Perceiving Sri Dhama’,Who is Sri Dhama?’, Tirthas in New Vrindaban and ‘Sri Nama and Sri Dhama’ . They do not need to be read in order; you can just open the book to any page and relish its content.

In Part 1, the glories of Vrindavana-dhama awaken our astonishment and gratitude inducing a thought, “What an extraordinary opportunity we are being offered! We can go back to this amazing place of sweetness, beauty and love!” In section 2 we learn that it requires devotional qualifications and a significant amount of grace and to enter deeply into that sacred realm.

Part 3 describes the intriguing personality of Sri Dhama. And in section 5 we hear how service to the Dhama enriches our chanting of the Holy Name. Part 4 takes us on parikrama; we take a walk to Kamala-kunda, smell the fragrant lotuses, pay our respects to Kundeshvara Mahadeva and Vrinda Devi, circumambulate Radha-kunda and Syama-kunda, sit on the banks of the beautiful Kusuma-sarovara. Sri Dhama has captured our hearts…

“May the experience and blessings of the Dhama increasingly direct our path according to the song of Krishna’s flute, the movements of His dance, the flow of His grace, and the impressions of the lotus feet of His devotees. May the beauty, wonder, mercy, and message of Sri Dhama expand and blossom within our hearts” writes Maharaj in his concluding words.